Showcase datasets

A collection of schema-formatted datasets that demonstrate the application and capacity of the RDL schema. All the data below comes from real DRM projects, chosen to reflect the range of data typically required in disaster risk assessments.

Hazard datasets

The RDL schema describes all common attributes for each hazard type and allows for multiple process-types under each one. The hazard datasets below include flood and earthquake maps that each contain maximum inundation depths for each return period.

Exposure datasets

The RDL schema describes all common attributes for commonly modeled exposure types from buildings and infrastructure to population and agriculture, and enables analysis of the risk from multiple hazards. The datasets below include aggregate building exposure and road network assets.

Vulnerability datasets

The RDL schema stores physical vulnerability and fragility relationships, and damage functions for any hazard and exposure type. The function type, parameters, intensity measure and asset taxonomy are referenced in the metadata. The sample data demonstrates some the data held for each function type.

Loss datasets

The RDL schema describes losses for hazard scenario and probabilistic analysis - the frequency of loss is given. Losses can be related to the hazard, exposure and vulnerability data used to generate them. Metadata clearly identifies the loss metric and units applied.